I felt quite apprehensive before my first treatment. I didn’t know what to expect as far as the level of pain and what would happen to the systems in my body that were about to be opened up. I can honestly say that the pain was very short lived and quite manageable. I won’t say there wasn’t any pain, but this is directly linked to how ‘blocked’ that pathway is and it lasts only a few seconds, if that. As for opening the energy systems, I believe that when doing any sort of spiritual work, Spirit will always be there to guide you and will never give you more than you can handle. Any pain experienced is a great indicator on where there is a blockage and can help to bring your focus to a certain area that may have been neglected. Cheryl’s help to set the right intention before we started, and loving care during the session, meant I felt supported and safe to release any negative patterns or blockages. I could surrender to the process completely and allow the healing to take hold.
Although a difference can be felt even after only one session, I’m finding the cumulative effects of multiple sessions to be quite astonishing.  It’s like peeling back layer upon layer, being able to do the necessary release work and then continue to dive even deeper into the emotional psyche. The effect of releasing that which no longer serves, or that which is creating blockages in the energy system, is that it frees up so much room to create new choices, to invite positive change and to grow as a person, through the experience of ‘knowing thyself’ at a core level.
My sessions with Cheryl have become invaluable to my spiritual journey, I trust her completely and have great respect for abilities as a practitioner. Thank you for making this such a beautiful, gentle process for me! – Donna Tallie (St Helena Bay, West Coast, Cape Town) – October 2019

Cheryl has completely changed my life – it sounds like a cliche (doesn’t it?) but it is the complete truth!! 
I have suffered from BPPV (terrible vertigo) for years and it had started to really affect daily life and my work. There is no cure nor medication to treat it, just a few exercises that make you feel even worse.
Acudetox has changed all that – I can’t quite understand or entirely explain it (although Cheryl can do that perfectly) but it works!! I don’t have vertigo anymore for weeks at a time (amazing!) and I have a session every month now and each time the treatment builds on the last one. 
Sometimes I can’t quite believe it myself – at first I was just going for general health, I even thought not having the vertigo was just a fluke – but all these months later, I can tell you it is not! Never mind all the other benefits.
Cheryl also gives you insight with each of your sessions and she so relaxed and attentive. I have a fear of needles so I think I have been one of her hardest clients, but the benefits for me so outweigh any fears.
I am so thankful for all that Cheryl and Acudetox has done for me, this was one of the easiest reviews I have ever had to write!
Thank you thank you thank you – Jax Niemand (St Helena Bay, West Coast, Cape Town) – August 2019

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went for my first Acudetox Auricular Acupuncture session in Saldanha Bay in April this year. It proved to be an informative, soothing and enjoyable experience facilitated by a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Like most holistic and alternative therapies, the results and outcomes differ from person to person. My experiences for a period of time after the treatment were a strong detox action with some quirky side effects, improved sleep, heightened energy levels and a sense of deeper personal inner connection. I recommend this treatment no matter what health issues a person may be displaying as this therapy is all encompassing and treats body, mind and spirit simultaneously. I will certainly be returning for follow up sessions! – Shirley Bowers-Van Rensburg (Saldhana, West Coast Cape Town) – August 2019

Thank you Cheryl Hughes Robertson for creating a relaxing environment for Acudetox sessions and also for the amazing essential oil blends – my favorite is the GSL! – Anni Newham (Durbanville, Cape Town) – August 2019

Being a firm believer in Acupuncture (the only treatment that got rid of my tennis elbow), I was quite keen to try Acudetox. I was not disappointed and in fact was quite blown away by the results. Each session was different, different points being tender or not and I sometimes cried and sometimes slept. But the result was the same after each session…I felt alive, alert, relaxed and in harmony. Each night of sleep after a session was deep and restorative. There were other incredible results too, my PMS symptoms where now a thing of the past, I was able to cope with stress in a confident and sanguine way, I experienced major shifts in my emotions and feelings where I may have felt blocked before; and I have also been able to let go of past hurt and suppressed emotional hurt. A notable event after one treatment I had when I was coming down with the flu, resulted in the flu symptoms coming on fast and strong for about 3 days and then clearing more quickly than anyone else with the same bug. I can honestly say that when I have not had a treatment for a while I notice the difference and make sure I get one as soon as possible. Cheryl is professional and dynamic and her sessions are safe and gentle and she is always happy to help and answer any questions. She made me feel at ease and relaxed and her needle entries were seamless, accurate and efficient. I always felt fantastic after an Acudetox treatment from Cheryl. Thank you for helping me Cheryl. – Melanie de Grooth (Durbanville, Cape Town) – November 2018

As a firm believer and long standing alternate therapy fan, I was very excited to experience something new. Never been a big fan of my (big) ears, but Cheryl is so calming and professional it was an absolute pleasure. I definitely had relief of certain symptoms post the treatments and also felt very energized for a few days thereafter. It was also interesting how the different reflexes or acupuncture points varied from a discomfort perspective ….and how accurate they were with respect to what was going on in my world at the time. I highly recommend these treatments – either for specific ailments or to detox or just to re lot your system. Cheryl is very knowledgeable and her work space is professional, calming and relaxing. – Tracy Danton (St Helena Bay, West Coast, Cape Town) – November 2018

I am a little skeptical of alternative therapies but this acu-detox was just incredible! At first, I thought it was just a fluke but really knew after the second therapy that it was no fluke!
It helped me in a practical/physical way (literal ailments) but then also in other ways: it cleared my mind, I felt vitality and health (difficult to put into words actually) but I guess that is what it is all about, wellness is so much more than we can explain.
Cheryl adds to the healing – she is not only professional but so intuitive,calm and tailors the therapy especially to you.
She loves doing what she does and you can feel it during the therapy.
If you are wondering whether to do it or not – don’t hesitate, just do it, it will help you so much and you will be writing about your amazing experience here too!! – Jax Niemand (St Helena Bay, West Coast, Cape Town) – November 2018

Absolutely loved my treatment! I was so relaxed and after having sleeping problems for the last 5 to 6 years I slept like a baby for the week after and my muscles felt completely relaxed 😍 can’t wait for my next session!! – Jade Hailey Nel (Cape Town) – November 2018