I’ve always been interested in photography and some years back I bought a good camera and some books to teach myself the basic concept of taking a decent photograph. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to reading them.

But – last year I did get some coaching from a very good friend on how to look for something unusual and how to take a different kind of photograph – and suddenly I saw things with new eyes.

I then embarked on photography excursions and learnt how to do some basic editing and have found my own style of photography. I posted some of my pics on Instagram and Facebook and received such positive responses that I decided to have one or two printed onto canvas and box-mounted for display in my home. I am so pleased with the results and how quite different they are, that I am now offering them for sale. So please do support me.

I did go back and had a look through those books I bought, but they turned out to be too standard in their advice for my liking. I don’t want my photos to look like everyone else’s. I don’t necessarily want them to be symmetrical. I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t care if some are ‘busy’. This is MY style and it is different, but therein lies the appeal.

I have partnered with a local printer who will print, box-mount and courier any orders directly (in South Africa), in any size or shape requested (within reason, of course). So how about doing a bit of a make-over in one or two or more rooms of your home with some of my photographs? I am sure you will find something among my photos that will fit with your colour schemes and that will catch your eye. Please take the time to peruse what is on offer. That being said though, these are just a small sample of the range of photos I have in my collection. If you have a special theme or colour you would like to use please contact me to discuss the options.