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We felt that essential oils used for therapeutic blends, as well as creating products infused with these essential oils, would be a wonderful partner to Acudetox. We have already created a number of blends to give support to ailments that have come to the fore while administering Acudetox to our clients.

When a therapeutic intervention (or combination of therapeutic interventions) considers the whole person, namely the body, mind, spirit and emotions, it can be termed “holistic therapy”. This is based on the belief that the entire being needs to be in harmony, because if any part is out of tune or unsteady, it will cause the person to be off-balance. And so by that philosophy (holistically addressing all parts of the whole) it is believed that one can achieve optimal health. Practitioners of holistic therapies believe that achieving balance in life is key to a healthy existence.

The use of essential oils is considered to be holistic as the aromatic substances from plant-based essential oils are used to promote healing of the body, but are also used to help with ailments affecting the mind, spirit and emotions. Physical illness often causes a person to suffer from anxiety or depression. Essential oils can stimulate healing of both the physical and mental ailments at the same time – and it is all natural!

The science behind inhalation begins with molecules. When molecules in the oils come into contact with the mucus membranes in your nose, amazing things begin to happen. The receptors in the mucus membranes take the smell, identify it and send sensory stimulation messages directly to your brain. Your brain will then process the messages and will decide whether it is a new smell or a familiar one and will react physically and emotionally to it.

Depending on the scent and the amount of oils used, the overall effect can be anything from soothing to energising. How you react also depends on which areas of the brain have been stimulated to secrete hormones, such as pain blockers and immunity boosters.

Inhalation also means that the molecules can get into your lungs, specifically into the alveoli, which are microscopic sac-like clusters where gases can be exchanged with the blood. When the essential oil molecules are passed into the bloodstream, they reach the central nervous system quickly and can continue to produce the desired stimulating effects.

The sense of olfaction has a direct link to the cerebral cortex (the outer layer of the cerebrum, composed of folded grey matter and playing an important role in consciousness) and the limbic system (a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions of fear, pleasure and anger and drives hunger, sex, dominance and care of offspring).

Some examples of ailments that can benefit from the use of essential oils are:

AnxietyCirculation problemsVertigo
StressDigestionRespiratory Issues
InsomniaHormonal issuesColds and flu
ConstipationDepressionGrief and loss
Muscle achesSkin disordersSinus pain
HeadachesThyroid disordersProblems concentrating