Seeking Balance offers a range of natural products, advice on clean living and eating, crafts and artistic, stylised photographs. All of these themes acknowledge and harness the full strength and beauty of nature and gifts from the Earth.

Essential Oil Infused Products

In keeping with the ethos of Seeking Balance and the overall theme of natural and gentle living, I decided to expand my offerings to include essential oils. I am using only 100% pure essential oils that have not been adulterated with any additives or contaminants. I have sourced these top quality oils from various suppliers. My aim is to make blends that will provide relief from various ailments and give support to my clients who are also being treated with Acudetox therapy.

Click here to see the range of therapeutic essential oil blends, fragrances and perfumes, soaps, sanitisers and insect repellents, body butters and tooth polishes currently on offer.

Natural Products for Furry Friends

Non-toxic and 100% natural insect and tick repellents for use on horses and dogs. We have also developed a 100% natural ointment using essential oils for use in treating sarcoids on horses.

Click here to find out more about these products and how you can start to help your furry friends.


Seeking Balance is excited to announce the launch of a herbal tea, which has been named Sereni-tea. Due to the properties of the individual ingredients and their combined effect, this tea goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of Acudetox Auricular Acupuncture and is a fitting partner for this amazing treatment. 

Click here to find out more about this tea and its powerful healing properties.

Energy Rods

One of the most powerful and basic energy devices one can use is a copper pipe filled with powerful crystals and with crystals at both ends. Seeking Balance brings you these energy rods to use while relaxing or meditating. Hold one rod in each hand, relax and clear your mind and experience the healing effect of the stones they contain.

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Every day, all around us, there are beautiful things for us to enjoy. The trick is to actually see them and not take them for granted. Learn to look for small details – a tiny flower, an insect, the way light dances off different surfaces, the texture of a tree trunk, a tiny snail… In the most unlikely places, look up, look down and look around – there is always an image to capture.

Inspiration comes from capturing those fleeting and seemingly non-descript subjects, finding unusual angles and compositions and producing stylised and unique images that will engage and fascinate the observer.

Click here to explore these fabulous images and see where you could display them in your home or office, or even purchase as a gift for a loved one.