Fly & Tick Repellent for Horses & Dogs

Fly & Tick Repellent for Horses – concentrate to make 1 litre of spray – R170

Fly & Tick Repellent for Dogs – concentrate to make 500ml of spray – R85

In trying to avoid the use of synthetic and chemical toxins on our animals where at all possible, we have spent a few years experimenting with different combinations of natural products to find something that is effective against ticks and flies.

The active ingredient in the horse and dog fly & tick repellent spray disrupts the normal metabolic activity of sucking, chewing and biting pests. It also has an ‘anti-feedant’ effect and disrupts their sexual communication, reducing their numbers over time and with prolonged use. It does not, however, kill them immediately. This can take a few days – so removal of ticks by hand is recommended where possible. Damage to the parasites is immediate though, on contact with the spray.

Also included in the mix is neem oil and a blend of seven 100% pure essential oils known to be excellent bug repellents. The mix for horses is slightly different to that for dogs, as two of the oils used in the horse mix are not recommended for use on dogs. They were therefore substituted for oils that are safe for canines.

Neither of these sprays is to be used on cats – so please don’t be tempted!

Cats are highly sensitive to essential oils – their livers are unable to metabolise them and I do not have a mix that is safe to use on cats.

This spray can be used on humans too though, to keep flies and ticks at bay when riding or working with your horses or walking your dogs. Spray on your boots, jeans / riding pants, etc., and enjoy the repellent effect yourselves.

The more the spray is used, the more effective it is as it has a cumulative effect.

On horses or dogs, as the case may be, it should be sprayed or wiped on generously – and onto the skin, not just on the hair. It should only be applied to a dry horse (or dog) to avoid it being further diluted.

It will wash off with water if they swim or are hosed down.

Re-apply regularly, twice daily if possible. Avoid spraying into eyes.

As with most natural and non-toxic products, one has to accept that it may not be as effective as the chemical-laden products are at dealing with pests, but it is safe, clean and environmentally friendly, acting as a deterrent as opposed to having a knock-down effect. 

We supply the concentrated mix which should then be added to a one litre clean empty bottle (the horse spray) and mixed with water to make one litre of liquid. We then decant this mix into a smaller spray bottle for ease of use.

For dogs, the mix is to be emptied into a 500ml bottle and filled with water.

Because of the essential oil content, it is sensitive to light, so should not be exposed to sunlight unnecessarily – and cannot be stored for months on end, as its efficacy does drop with time. It doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives, so treat it carefully. Shake well before using and apply regularly and please do let us know how well it works for you.

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