Seeking Balance aims to encourage awareness and consciousness with regard to finding a way of living that resonates with you as an individual – one that meets your physical and emotional needs, aligns with green living and having a gentle footprint on the earth, takes into account the impact your way of life has on the earth and the plants and animals that you include in your diet, etc.

In short, it is about finding a balanced way of living that supports your physical and emotional health, your conscience, your intellect and your wellbeing, while always being aware of your impact on the environment.

So, in keeping with that theme, enter Seeking Balance.

What’s New

Seeking Balance will continue to grow our range of products during 2020. We have some exciting new ideas and are busy formulating recipes, sourcing ingredients, deciding on packaging and designing labels. With all this, comes website changes, additions and updates.

This year we’d like to introduce a number of products, including (but not limited to) an eyebrow growth serum, a natural deodorant, a shaving mousse, possibly a tooth powder for the brave and hearty, a mouth rinse, a natural sunscreen, a beard oil and a natural bug balm for humans.

Watch this space and follow us to ensure you don’t miss any of our new introductions.

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