Seeking Balance was founded by Cheryl Robertson in 2018. Eight years ago, after being extremely ill for over 4 years and not getting any relief from conventional medicine and the many doctors, physicians and specialists she had consulted, Cheryl realised that pharmaceutical drugs were doing way more harm than anything else and that she needed to make some huge changes to her lifestyle and her approach to healthcare, if she were to heal and be well again.

Cheryl decided to take control of her life by embracing a new way of living where she left no stone unturned in order to reduce her toxic load – eating clean, green and free range/organic, replacing all toxic household products and personal products, cosmetics and the like with safe, organic and clean products. She removed all foodstuffs from her home and diet that contained preservatives, colourants, artificial flavourants and fillers and focused on non-processed, fresh foods instead and in the process, made sure that she reduced her carbon footprint by saving and reusing or recycling everything she could, while also avoiding excessive and non-recyclable packaging, etc.

At the time that Cheryl embarked on her difficult journey back to health, these clean foods and products were not readily available, but through sheer grit and determination, she was able to forge her way forward to improved health and well-being – overcoming several serious health conditions and finding her way back to the living. Cheryl is uncompromising in living what she believes and it is this way of life that inspired her to become an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. This 5 Point NADA Protocol (‘Acudetox’ Auricular Acupuncture) has shown to be a powerful tool in helping clients to move forward from being in a place of ‘stuckness’ or limbo.

Cheryl not only offers this therapy but is also able to advise, from her own experience and journey, on healthy, clean and green eating and living as well as reducing toxic exposure at home and in the work place. Cheryl set up Seeking Balance as a way of sharing years of well-tried and tested information and knowledge with those looking to change their lifestyles and wanting to move towards a more natural approach to everything they do. Acudetox fits in beautifully with this way of living in that it is a non-invasive, supportive and natural therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which follows the simple philosophy that all disease is caused by toxins. Therefore, it stands to reason that by removing the toxins plaguing your health, the path to healing will be opened.

This is what we are striving for….we are Seeking Balance in order for the mind, body and soul to be harmonious and in the best shape possible.