Start your 2020 as a Green Warrior

Seeking Balance will continue to grow our range of products during 2020. We have some exciting new ideas and are busy formulating recipes, sourcing ingredients, deciding on packaging and designing labels. With all this, comes website changes, additions and updates.

It is hard work from start to finish, late nights and early mornings and not a lot of sleep or downtime – but it is rewarding beyond measure to know that each person we convert to natural and clean products – and each product we sell – means that one less toxic concoction that they would probably otherwise have bought is not entering someone’s life or the sensitive and overwhelmed environment. Our planet cannot cope – the seas and rivers are polluted and wildlife is really struggling to survive the toxic chemical onslaught and litter that over 7 billion people on the planet are creating and using and throwing away on a daily basis.

This year we’d like to introduce a number of products, including (but not limited to) an eyebrow growth serum, a natural deodorant, a shaving mousse, possibly a tooth powder for the brave and hearty, a mouth rinse, a natural sunscreen, a beard oil and a natural bug balm for humans.

That is a tall order and is optimistic, for sure. It will depend on finances (sales and therefore income), time and all kinds of other challenges life throws our way. But – let’s see what we can do and be assured, we’ll give it our best shot. What cannot be realised this year can roll over to the next. As long as we are moving forward and making a difference, we will be happy with our progress.

Our prices had to be increased this January as without fail, all our suppliers hiked their prices. Being a start-up business, we weren’t able to buy enough products in bulk at 2019 prices to see us through even 3 months of 2020, but we have kept our profit margins as low as we can without bankrupting ourselves. We are border-line bankrupt (well, not really but I hear it takes a few years for start-up businesses to start earning some money) but we keep sending positive vibes and good energy out there to you all to support us!  😉 It has to reap rewards.  😊

So please join us on this journey of creativity and discovery and help us to increase awareness regarding toxic synthetic products and their effect on human and animal well-being as well as the health of our precious and beautiful planet.  Thank you to all those who already support and promote Seeking Balance. We send love and light to each of you!